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How to Budget Your Outdoor Space

There are several factors that need to be considered when planning and constructing your new outdoor living space. First thing we recommend is to do what no one wants to do, identify any issues that need to be addressed first. This includes drainage, tree removal, sprinkler lines, and more. These items will affect your budget and may need to be addressed to complete your new outdoor living space.

How Large of an Area Do I Need?

Where to Start?

When budgeted for a covered patio, size is the most common thing to consider first. On average, a covered patio should be no less than 300 square feet. Any smaller than that, and the space will feel cramped.

We have found that 300 square feet will give you enough room for a dining area and a seating area for family and guests. The typical cost for a patio this size can range from 20K to 25K, depending on upgrades and finishes.

What Factors Affect Budget?

Preparing and planning your outdoor living space can be complicated and sometimes overwhelming for the average homeowner. But don’t worry, it can be done with the right plan and the right contractor like Texas Outdoor Impressions. View the factors that affect budget below to see what may or may not work for your dream outdoor space.

Do you have existing concrete? Having a foundation already in place will lower the budget. But if you want to upgrade the surface with stamping, overlays, travertine this will increase the budget.

Standard ceiling will be James Hardie sheets painted to match the soffit. If you want a different look, stained cedar or pine tongue and groove is an option you may want to consider. This upgrade will require you to increase your budget.

Look at your homes existing columns, are they James Hardie, brick, or stone? Are they 30” tall or floor to ceiling columns?  Our standard column in a pressure treated 6”x6” post covered with James Hardie and painted. Stone and brick options will require you to increase your budget.

Cedar accents can be added to any project! Sunrise, Collars, and ridge beams will increase the uniqueness of the project, but it will also increase your budget.

There are three types of roof lines commonly used in construction, they are Gable, Hip and shed style roofs. The roof design is typically dictated by the existing roof line of the home. The pitch of the roof (degree of slant) can adversely affect the size and amount of martials needed to construct your roof. Step pitched roofs will cause an increase in budget.

Outdoor Kitchen Projects

The most popular item to add to any outdoor living space is an outdoor kitchen. Adding an outdoor kitchen will require you to increase the square footage of your patio structure. We recommend increasing the overall square footage to 400 square feet or larger to accommodate the additional equipment.

A basic outdoor kitchen is approximately 8-10 linear feet. If you want more prep area or a serving area or bar, you will need to increase to 14-16 linear feet. Our kitchens begin with a welded steel frame, and are completed with a 3 cm granite countertops and stone finishes. View examples below for budget estimates to consider.

Explore Features & Factors

Hover over the example kitchens to view features and factors that determine pricing for adding a kitchen to your outdoor living space.

Small Kitchen

Kitchen length: 8' to10' linear ft.
Designs for the weekend warrior.
Limited equipment options.
Limited prep space and storage.
Great for small areas.

Medium Kitchen

Kitchen length: 10' to15' linear ft.
Better for entertaining family and friends.
Extra prep area for serving.
Ability to add Bar seating.
Increase equipment options.

Large Kitchen

Kitchen length: 20' linear ft or more.
Designed to entertain/feed large numbers of people.
Ability to provide all the amenities of the indoor kitchen.
More space for multiple cooking/seating options.
Maximum storage space.

What About Adding a Fireplace?

Additional Features

Fire features come in many different forms. The two most common are firepits and fireplaces. All natural gas fire features will need a dedicated run from the gas meter to the new fire feature.

A fireplace can add up to 10K or more, depending on the size and complexity of the design. Firepits can add 4K and up to 8K or more to your budget, depending on stone selection, size and shape.

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